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26 September 2014updated 11 Sep 2021 5:47pm

Socialising in Modern Britain

By New Statesman

Socialising in Modern Britain

Socialising in Modern Britain

It would be a shame to lose sight of what makes Britain’s social life so open, creative and appealing. These days there is so much emphasis on the way that digital technologies have entered our lives it is easy to imagine people no longer interact in “real life”. But the fact is that we have a rich tradition of socialising which has long been the cradle of our music, our art, and our communities.

Sometimes we’re in danger of focusing too much on the negative. And certainly there are negatives to worry about. Which is why it is so vital that regulators and politicians find a way to conserve our precious social heritage while keeping people safe and healthy. The UK’s music industry has led the world for decades now, but without small venues in which newborn talent can begin to flourish, it may falter.

Our society, with its mix of modernity and tradition, as well as its easy diversity, is much admired the world over; we need to better understand and treasure what makes it so rich, before it disappears altogether./p>

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