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Jason Cowley

Editorial Director

Tom Young

International Editor

Jeremy Cliffe

Executive Editor, Culture, Books,
Ideas and Print
Senior Editor

Senior Associate Editor

Tom Gatti

George Eaton

Rachel Cunliffe

Political Editor

Head of Audience

Andrew Marr

Elise Johnson

Features Editor

Melissa Denes

Editor, Environment and Sustainability

Philippa Nuttall

Senior Editor, US

Emily Tamkin

Managing Editor, International

Alix Kroeger

Executive Editor, Foreign

Megan Gibson

Business Editor

Associate Editor, Business

Will Dunn

Emma Haslett

Europe Correspondent

Ido Vock

Associate Editor

Michael Prodger

Creative Editor

Gerry Brakus

Associate Editor, Culture

Anna Leszkiewicz

Special Projects Editor

Oscar Williams

Britain Editor

Anoosh Chakelian

Assistant Culture Editor

Ellen Peirson-Hagger

Commissioning Editor

Gavin Jacobson

Commissioning Editor

Lola Seaton

Associate Editor

Comment Editor

Sophie McBain

Pravina Rudra

Senior Correspondent, Politics

Political Correspondent

Harry Lambert

Ailbhe Rea

Senior Writer

Sarah Manavis

Senior Writer

Kate Mossman

Head of Production

Peter Williams

Managing Editor, Production

Pippa Bailey

Senior Sub-Editor

Christiana Bishop

Senior Sub-Editor

Katherine Cowles



Emily Bootle

Barney Horner

Creative Artworker

Rebecca Cunningham

Head of Social Media

Eleanor Peake

Junior Reporter

Harry Clarke-Ezzidio

Junior Reporter

Freddie Hayward

Editorial Assistant

Ellys Woodhouse


Commercial Director

Phil Davison

Director of Client Solutions

Dominic Rae

Head of Events Content

Matt Sime

Marketing Director

Sam Fairburn

Head of Subscription Marketing

Alfred Jahn