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15 November 2016

The Simpsons take a dig at Donald Trump’s win, and admit “being right sucks“

After jokingly predicting a Trump presidency in a previous episode, the shows creators responded to the billionaire's shock victory.

By Media Mole

After grabbing headlines with its joke prediction that Donald Trump would one day be president, The Simpsons has acknowledged its prescience in its first post-election episode.

In a previous episode from 2000, entitled “Bart to the Future”, the cartoon series, (a favourite of your mole’s since childhood), fast forwards to 2030. Lisa Simpson is installed in the White House, picking up the piece after a disastrous Trump presidency has bankrupted America — both financially and morally in the mole’s opinion. Sorry, we’re trying to be cheerful down in the burrow. At least us moles have an underground shelter if Trump gets an itchy nuclear trigger finger.

The writer of the episode, Dan Greaney told Hollywood Reporter that said putting Trump as President was a “warning to America. . . [It] just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane.”

Sixteen years laters the show’s creators have referenced their, now not-so-humorous, prediction by taking an amusing dig at Trump’s shock election win. A new opening shows Bart scribbling away as normal on his school blackboard only this time the words he’s writing are “being right sucks”. The mole agrees.



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