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15 November 2016

#PresidentTrumps1stTantrum scenarios list Donald Trump arguing with his own parody Twitter account

Twitter users are predicting the first hissy fit the President-Elect will throw when he takes office.

By Media Mole

As liberalism sighs its last breath, and the world spirals down a drain stained with racism, there is but one constant. We’ll always have hashtags.

The latest smidgen of fun in the dead-eyed dystopia of people arguing online over to what degree the new President-Elect is going to encroach upon our rights is #PresidentTrumps1stTantrum. People who oppose Donald Trump have been using it to imagine what ridiculous scenario will make him most furious, most immediately.

Here are a few:


And of course, as it began to trend, the Trump supporters started using it too. Your mole is too mournful to list these. It doesn’t feel much like laughing. It’s too busy remembering a happier time when hashtags were sacred, and women’s reproductive rights weren’t roundly threatened.

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