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3 July 2015

A Mexican parliamentarian proposed an anti-meme law – so the internet turned her into one

Hey dawg, we heard you don't like memes, so we turned you into a meme so you can oppose memes while being a meme.

By Media Mole

Pity Selma Guadalupe Gomez. The Mexican parliamentarian tried to introduce a law banning people from making memes, with a $1,600 fine attached.

As Fusion explains:

The ponderously titled “Law of Civil Responsibility for the Protection of the Right to Private Life, Honor and the Image of the State of Sonora” is more succinctly known as the “anti-meme” law. It calls for fines up to around $1,600, or 350 times the minimum wage in Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, for creating and publishing memes that inflict “unjustified damage to human dignity.”

The internet, in a move that will surprise nobody, responded by creating memes of Congresswoman Gomez.

“Memes no / deal with it”. Photo: via Make a Meme


Seriously, type her name into google images.

“Wants to regulate memes / is turned into one”. Photo: via


Ironically, if the law were in place, this could have added substantially to the government coffers. Oportunidad perdida.