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6 April 2021

Is the UK ready for a Single Trade Window?

Take the New Statesman's survey, sponsored by Leidos, on this technological innovation. 

By New Statesman

In December 2020, the UK government set out a vision for modernising its borders, with a 2025 strategy aiming to deliver “the world’s most effective border that creates prosperity and enhances security for a global United Kingdom”.

Alongside six focus areas of border transformation, the 2025 vision sets out a number of multi-year programmes, including the development of a Single Trade Window “to create a single gateway for all data from traders into government”, Electronic Travel Authorisation to speed up passenger journeys, and a review of all border checks and agencies.

Take the New Stateman’s survey, sponsored by Leidos, to give your views on the pros and cons of this major technological innovation.

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