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1 February 2017

Best MEP ever holds up “He’s Lying” sign as Nigel Farage speaks

The Labour MEP for London Seb Dance was chastised by a European Parliament official for ridiculing the former Ukip leader.

By Media Mole

It’s become a bit of a cliché to lament that our politicians are like unruly schoolchildren, blowing raspberries at each other in the playground and pulling each other’s hair.

But your mole has to say it can make an exception for the joyously mischievous behaviour of a Labour MEP in the European Parliament today.

Seb Dance, who represents London, held up a handwritten A4 sign reading “HE’S LYING TO YOU” with an arrow pointing at Nigel Farage as he addressed the room.

And here he is getting a telling-off:

Your mole awaits Farage turning round so that it can snigger at the “Kick Me” sign.