Nicholas Winton's other life: a Labour council candidate

Nicholas Winton, who saved over 600 children destined for concentration camps, died yesterday. In his other life, he was also a Labour activist and council candidate.

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Nicholas Winton, who as a stockbroker in the late 1930s left the UK and arranged trains to transport Jewish children to the safety of Britain, has died. (You can read a little bit more about him in Jonn's piece here, and in the Telegraph's obituary here.)

But in addition to all of that he was also a Labour activist and perennial candidate in Maidenhead, where he lived. (Then as now, Maidenhead was not particularly fertile Labour territory) His election address gives you a flavour of his modesty, which you can see below:

Thanks to Joe Oliver for tweeting this picture, from a lecture given by Winton's daughter a year ago.

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