“Lifelong Labour supporter” Tom Conti wanted to be Tory mayor

Twice, actually.

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“Why I, a life-long Labour luvvie, am backing the Tories” booms the headline above Tom Conti's piece in the Daily Mail today. This is exactly the story Ed Miliband didn't want to read.

I mean, if the Labour party can't even count on the vote of the sort of lifelong Labour voter who considered bidding to be the Conservative mayor of London in both 2008 and next year, then who can it count on?

Your mole, a life-long reader of the Daily Mail, is shocked, shocked, that the paper should attempt to mislead its readers on this hugely important matter.

Not that celebrity endorsements should mean the slightest thing, in the grand scheme of things, but for what little it’s worth, those backing Labour this year include Daniel Radcliffe, Martin Freeman, David Tennant, Sir Ian McKellan, Steve Coogan and Jo Brand. Labour not only have the luvvie vote locked up, they're a clear winner in geekdom.

Those backing the Tories, meanwhile, include several ex-contestants on The Apprentice, Jim Davidson and Simon Cowell.

As a life-long Conservative, your mole urges you not to think too hard about this second list when considering how to vote.

I'm a mole, innit.

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