Ed Miliband overtakes David Cameron in approval ratings, as Labour pulls ahead in the polls

"Crossover" at last?

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Good polling news for Labour, as three consecutive polls suggest the party has pulled ahead. Survation shows Labour four points ahead of the Tories (35 per cent to 31 per cent), Panelbase has it six points ahead (37 per cent to 31 per cent), and TNS gives the party a three-point lead (33 per cent to 31 per cent).

Survation also shows Ed Miliband beating David Cameron in net approval ratings for the first time.

After weeks of the two main parties being neck and neck, this is a significant boost for Labour. It looks like the Tories' campaign wizard Lynton Crosby should've been careful what he wished for when predicting a "crossover" period.

But there are still concerns for Labour. While Miliband's approval ratings are up, he still lags stubbornly behind Cameron on the "future prime minister" question. And it's worth noting that these polls can't be the most representative we've had in recent weeks because they include the bank holiday weekend.

On our sister election site May2015's poll of polls, these new developments have given Labour a 3.3 point lead.

Labour jump into a 3.3% point lead on http://t.co/j83TeUDhFz after two polls give them big leads. LAB—35.0 CON—31.7 pic.twitter.com/C4aWQSxbFw

— May2015 Election (@May2015NS) April 9, 2015

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