"He's a f***ing liar": Ed Miliband is mobbed by Yes supporters in Scotland

The Labour leader was mobbed in Edinburgh by anti-Union activists today.

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There are reports from Edinburgh that Ed Miliband has been shoved and abused by Yes supporters. He has been forced to abandon a shopping centre walkabout he was doing in Edinburgh, according to the Guardian's Severin Carrell.

The Labour leader is in Scotland in a final plea to referendum voters to vote No.

We've already heard reports of intimidation stopping people putting up No or Better Together posters and flags. And the Labour MP Jim Murphy had to pause his campaign tour around Scotland because of what he viewed as Yes Scotland's "campaign of intimidation". Now it seems these tactics are being used on Miliband.

As I'm not in Scotland, I've picked this story up from tweets sent by political journalists at the scene. Here are a few of the most illustrative ones:

Anoosh Chakelian is the New Statesman’s Britain editor.

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