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17 December 2009

The NS Quiz: In the News/Online

By Olav Bjortomt

In the News

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1 A 30-foot effigy of which celebrity was burned by a Kent bonfire society, as organisers felt that their first choice, Nick Griffin, had “received too much publicity already”?
a Jonathan Ross
b Gordon Brown
c Katie Price
d Gordon Ramsay

2 The travel company Activities Abroad began advertising what type of holidays in January?
a Liberal-free
b Heterosexual-free
c Chav-free
d Caucasian-free

3 Citing concerns about terrorism, police deleted photographs taken by Klaus Matzka – a tourist from Austria – of which London building?
a Palace of Westminster
b St Pancras railway station
c City Hall
d Vauxhall bus station

4 Which treasure hunter discovered the Staffordshire Hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold?
a Fred Jones
b Duncan Slarke
c Michael Lewis
d Terry Herbert

5 The Glaswegian police officer Pam Fleming revealed that she uses what interview technique to entice suspects into telling the truth?
a Playing classical music
b Quoting Shakespeare
c Hypnotherapy
d Magic tricks


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1 What was the name of the gossip blog that the Labour spin doctor Damian McBride allegedly planned to fill with smears about senior members of the Conservative Party?
a Red Rag
b LabourList
c Ministry of Truth
d Bloggers4Labour

2 Who revealed herself to be the blogger Belle de Jour?
a Zoe Margolis
b Mena Trott
c Catherine Sanderson
d Brooke Magnanti

3 Nasa refused to honour the results of an online contest to name a new space node when which TV personality won the poll?
a David Letterman
b Jon Stewart
c Stephen Colbert
d Glenn Beck

4 What is the name of the “phantom town” in Lancashire that exists only on Google Maps and Google Earth?
a Fleetdale
b Kirkby
c Carnstall
d Argleton

5 Personal details about the new MI6 chief, John Sawers, were removed from Facebook in July, including one photo of him wearing what?
a Tight swimming trunks
b Bermuda shorts
c An “I Love NY” T-shirt
d Sandals with white socks


ANSWERS – In the News:

1c Katie Price
2c Chav-free
3d Vauxhall bus station
4d Terry Herbert
5a Playing classical music

ANSWERS – Online:

1a Red Rag
2d Brooke Magnanti
3c Stephen Colbert
4d Argleton
5a Tight swimming trunks

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