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The rise of the technopopulists

From Macron’s En Marche! to the Conservatives’ “Get Brexit Done”: how populists embraced the language of science and expertise.

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New Statesman magazine

Ten lessons of the pandemic

How Covid-19 exposed a global crisis of leadership, by Philip Ball

Plus Chris Bickerton on the rise of the technopopulists, Helen Lewis on Hilary Mantel, Anders Tegnell on Sweden’s battle with Covid, and Pippa Bailey on deleting Facebook

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The new trade unionism

10 September 1927: If the working-class standard of life is to be improved, employers and trade unionists will have to cooperate.

Looking-glass world

28 October 1977: Tom Stoppard on the trial of Havel, Lederer, Pavlicek and Ornest, for dissent against the republic.