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New Statesman magazine

Careless people

Why the humiliation of David Cameron is a fitting end to a dismal era of politics, by John Gray. Plus Emily Tamkin reviews Hunter Biden’s memoir, Quentin Sommerville looks at the chaos of Libya’s civil war and Roger Mosey on the art of royal obituaries.



Culture and Books

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Staying human

18 April 1969: Julian Mitchell reviews Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint.

Mr Lloyd George

18 September 1915: Can we be sure that the man who was primarily responsible for these blunders has not a worse blunder in store for us?

Why women deny their bodies

14 February 1986: The very food a woman is expected to give others as an expression of her caring – and duty – towards them, is forbidden to herself.

Losing the game

16 July 1971: If only Rab Butler had possessed the killer instinct, he could conceivably have become prime minister on three different occasions.