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New Statesman magazine

The Chinese century

How China became an economic superpower by Adam Tooze. Plus the Labour leader Keir Starmer reflects on how England rediscovered its patriotic purpose and Sophie McBain discusses the pains of girlhood



Bitcoin's gold rush was always an illusion

Millions of people have bought into the idea that cryptocurrencies could make them rich, fast. But these booms are fake, say economists, and they may now represent a systemic risk.

Culture and Books

Media, Science and Digital Culture



Fashion changes are changing

31 July 1970: Was the mini a menace to the textile manufacturers of the Seventies?

Labour's opportunity

8 April 1933: "It is no use criticising the Labour Party as it is, unless one can also suggest what could be done to make it a more real and live force for the achievement of Socialism.”

At the “Fleur de Lys”

29 September 1923: "Those evenings were anything but lusty, full-blooded affairs. Their gusto would be hard to match in these teetotal days."

From the NS Archive: Lawn Tennis

24 June 1934: “He loves me, he doesn't,” her mind repeated mechanically. Savagely she tore the flower petal by petal to pieces.