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New Statesman magazine

This house must fall

The Lords, cronyism and Britain's crumbling political system, by Anoosh Chakelian, David Ottewell and Robert Saunders.

Plus Stephen Bush on the schools crisis, and Emily Tamkin on Joe Biden


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What is the use of aircraft?

21 December 1929: We should be sleeping more comfortably in our beds if the invention of aeroplanes had been delayed for fifty years.

English Socialism

6 September 1924: Now, when a man calls himself a Socialist, he conveys by the name little information about his ideas and beliefs.

Courbet, the politically conscious artist

28 May 1938: The almost mediumistic faith in his ability to extract good from anything is the source of both Gustave Courbet’s strength and his weakness.

Civil disobedience

17 February 1961: The CND founder Bertrand Russell advocates for a campaign of mass civil disobedience to stave off the possibility of accidental nuclear war.