Michael Prodger is an Assistant Editor at the New Statesman. He is an art historian, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Buckingham, and a former literary editor.

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21 May 2015
The Essex Taj Mahal.
Cultural Capital
14 May 2015
Bridges over troubles waters.
Cultural Capital
13 March 2015
Private darkness.
Cultural Capital
29 January 2015
Radical art in E1.
10 December 2014
One last time to Venice.
Cultural Capital
18 November 2014
Turning away from the light.
Cultural Capital
24 October 2014
Giving terror a face.
Cultural Capital
09 October 2014
Art as luminous as ever.
Cultural Capital
22 August 2014
Guerrilla Girls to Greenham Common.
Cultural Capital
04 August 2014
Montmartre’s rickety peak.
10 July 2014
On the Tour de France.
Cultural Capital
29 May 2014
From landscapes to cubism.
Cultural Capital
17 April 2014
Do his scenes lack spiritual depth?