Olivia Colman stars in London Road, a musical about the murder of prostitutes in Ipswich.
London Road is a musical about the Ipswich prostitute murders - and it's a triumph
By Ryan Gilbey - 03 July 12:04

In that grey area between documentary and fiction, the movie finds a new kind of truth.

A losing game: Amy Winehouse at her Camden Town home in 2004. Photo: Karen Robinson/The Guardian
Mawkish tabloid fare: how the Amy Winehouse film fails
By Kate Mossman - 02 July 15:02

This film laments the way Winehouse's life was intruded upon while relying on the same methods to create drama.

Tessa Thompson (left) plays Sam in Dear White People.
Dear White People is clever - but too shallow to match the complex reality of race in America
By Ryan Gilbey - 02 July 14:43

Dear White People never exactly loosens up; the screenplay would make a good PhD thesis.

Life lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger
By Yo Zushi - 02 July 9:24

To dismiss him as a right-wing cigar-chomper would be to disregard that rare phenomenon – a true star, an embodiment of the aspirations of his time.

Back to the OK Corral: Michael Fassbender and Kodi Smit-McPhee (right) star in Slow West.
New indie western Slow West is filled with resonant emotions
By Ryan Gilbey - 25 June 14:16

The Beta Band's John Maclean makes his directorial debut with a wry, rootsy love story.

The director Nicolas Roeg in the new BBC Four documentary. Photo: BBC
“This is my time”: why the work of filmmaker Nicolas Roeg rewards a second look
By Ryan Gilbey - 24 June 17:07

A new BBC Four documentary reminds us not to take this director for granted.

A shot of a train from The Darjeeling Limited. Photo: YouTube screengrab
Track record: why trains weave their way through the history of great cinema
By Ryan Gilbey - 19 June 16:20

Films set on trains are some of the best.

Fight or flight? Madeleine and Artaud are the lost lovers of Les combattants
Make love at war: French film Les combattants has its protagonists kiss over a gun
By Ryan Gilbey - 18 June 17:29

It takes a lot to keep an audience onside when it’s not clear what the thrust of a film is, but Les combattants manages it.

Chris Pratt: Jurassic World's "miracle of nature". Photo: Universal Pictures
Even with Chris Pratt and his velociraptors, Jurassic World fails to thrill
By Ryan Gilbey - 11 June 18:20

Ryan Gilbey reviews two sequels: The Look of Silence and Jurassic World.

Christopher Lee at the Locarno Film Festival in 2013. Photo: Pier Marco Tacca/Getty
Actor Christopher Lee dies in hospital aged 93
By Anna Leszkiewicz - 11 June 12:48

The actor passes away after respiratory problems and heart failure.

Cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus founded the Cannon film company. Photo: YouTube screengrab
The Cannon Group: the most disreputable duo in cinema?
By Ryan Gilbey - 10 June 16:35

Looking back at the exploitation enterprise of Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus's cinematic output.

The red carpet at the world premiere of Far From the Madding Crowd. Photo: Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images
What would Hardy make of his Bathsheba barrelling past on the side of a bus?
By Will Self - 04 June 15:45

Poor old Tommy-baby. His entire oeuvre, when you stop to consider it, seems like an illustration of Dostoevsky’s dictum: “The more I love humanity in general, the less I love man in particular.”

Caroll Spinney (left, wearing legs) with Big Bird architect Kermit Love. Photo: © COPPER POT PICTURES
How Big Bird got to Sesame Street
By Erica Wagner - 04 June 13:42

Caroll Spinney has been playing Sesame Street's star for 46 years. I Am Big Bird shows the man behind the feathery mask.

The demure bulldozer: Melissa McCarthy stars as Susan Cooper in Spy.
In Melissa McCarthy’s Spy, the Moneypennies trump the Bonds
By Ryan Gilbey - 04 June 11:48

These back-room frumps whisper instructions into the earpieces of tuxedo-wearing spies out on the casino floors, or save them from pursuers by launching strategic missile attacks at a moment’s notice.

George Lucas and Mark Hamill on the Star Wars set in Tunisia. Photo: LUCASFILM LTD
Want to understand Star Wars fans? Start here
By Tom Shone - 01 June 11:35

It’s junk cinema but, like the Millennium Falcon, it’s fast junk – and don’t you dare call it junk unless you’re a fan, for only its fans can criticise it.

Tomorrowland has been a commercial flop. Photo: YouTube screengrab
It wasn't just audiences that caused Disney's George Clooney blockbuster Tomorrowland to flop
By Ryan Gilbey - 29 May 18:44

To look at the campaign for Tomorrowland, you’d think Disney had already decided it was yesterday’s news.

Cruel fate: a victim in Sissako’s drama.
Fade to black: everyday persecution and religious fundamentalism in Timbuktu
By Ryan Gilbey - 29 May 9:35

Ryan Gilbey is left feeling chilled by Abderrahmane Sissako’s remarkable Timbuktu.

Pegg is best-known for comedy, but says he would still like to “do some serious acting”. Photo: Getty
Is it time to take Simon Pegg seriously?
By Ryan Gilbey - 21 May 18:18

The actor’s comments about the infantilisation of culture have caused a storm. Is he right to want to put away childish things?

Charlize Theron as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road.
No, Mad Max: Fury Road is not a feminist masterpiece (but that’s OK)
By Tracy King - 20 May 13:18

Because most Hollywood films are so bad at dealing with female characters, Mad Max: Fury Road stands out for trying. But it still uses lazy, sexist tropes and clichéd plot devices.

BOOM! Looking back at the crude, cheapo, scuzzy brilliance of the original Mad Max
By Ryan Gilbey - 14 May 15:42

As Mad Max: Fury Road hits our screens, we look back at the 1979 original exploitationanza.

Girlhood avoids easy answers in its portrayal of growing up in the Paris suburbs
By Barbara Speed - 12 May 15:12

Céline Sciamma’s third coming-of-age film subverts expectations every step of the way.

Never bitter: Chris Rock with Rosario Dawson.
Chris Rock's film Top Five shows a comic longing to ditch the jokes
By Ryan Gilbey - 12 May 13:30

Top Five is a cleverly profane version of Woody Allen's Stardust Memories, but sometimes it veers into self-sabotage.

Nicholas Cage in Spike Jonze’s 2002 film “Adaptation”.
Is it possible to make a good film about writing?
By Oliver Farry - 05 May 12:21

Too often, films are very inarticulate when talking about books. 

Ghost-writing: Shelley Hennig in Unfriended
Facetime your fears: Unfriended is a surprisingly up-to-date horror film – set on a laptop screen
By Ryan Gilbey - 30 April 10:29

We’ve seen too many Friday the thirteenth films to buy the sight of teenagers venturing into the deep, dark forest, but the deep, dark internet is another matter.

Avengers, assemble: in Marvel’s latest offering, the camera never stops moving.
Avengers: Age of Ultron is at once too much and never quite enough
By Ryan Gilbey - 23 April 17:20

If the Marvel fan base, like an elephant, is large but easily startled, Roy Andersson's minimalist vignettes in A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence ask the viewer to endure discomfort.

Cruel intentions: Hitchcock in London during the filming of Frenzy (1972). Photo: Rex
The fat man walks alone: how Hitchcock the ham became film's greatest artist
By Leo Robson - 23 April 7:43

Today, Hitchcock is reverred for his contribution to cinema. But his reputation as a "serious" director came late, as new biographies from Michael Wood and Peter Ackroyd reveal.

Iron Man in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.
The politics of Iron Man: how Marvel sold an arms dealing billionaire to liberal America
By Tom Hart - 22 April 8:03

On paper Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, should be a super villain. But somehow, he’s a hero, and what’s more, he’s the only American superhero you want to have a beer with.

Mikheil Gelovani as Stalin.
How do you make a film about a dictator?
By Oliver Farry - 21 April 11:55

Beyond propaganda, trying to get under the skin of despots and dictators is a near-impossible task.