US presidential election 2020: map Trump and Biden's remaining paths to victory

Explore the remaining possible outcomes of Tuesday's election.

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With just a handful of key states left to declare, can Joe Biden beat Donald Trump to a winning 270 electoral college votes in the 2020 presidential election? Our New Statesman results model still has him as the favourite to win the presidency but victory is far from as assured as it was going into polling day.


There are just a handful of states left to declare in this year's race but each candidate still has a realistic path to victory after Biden failed to flip states such as Florida and Texas - areas that had been thought to be in contention.

It's possible the final result won't be known for a few days, leaving the anxiously watching public with nothing better to do than run through the electoral college permutations in their heads.

What do you expect from the final result? Input your assumptions about the states on our interactive map above to see whether they make Trump or Biden the winner. And for the result itselt, follow our live results coverage on Twitter and our US election hub, on election day from 6pm ET / 11pm GMT.

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