Ten Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Articles We're Still Waiting For

Come on, there must still be some angles out there nobody's tried.

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1. Bigger on the inside

Does dimensionally transcendental engineering hold the key to ending the housing crisis?

Photo: BBC


2. Out of the darkness

Doctor Who's forgotten roots in the shadow theatre of northern Cambodia

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3. The macro economics of Doctor Who

Deposit a pound in a bank account in the year 1800, and you can live off the interest forever – so what are the implications of time travel for the world’s central banks?

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4. Time Lord engineering could meet Britain's future energy needs

Minister announce plans to blow up the sun.

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5. The Macra economics of Doctor Who

What would the discovery of giant, gas-guzzling crabs do to Lancashire’s nascent fracking industry?

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6. The legacy of the missing episodes

In the 1970s, large chunks of early Doctor Who episodes were wiped from the BBC archive. We explore how this inspired the Tories' approach to website management.

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7. Fans begin celebrations above the 38th parallel

BBC entertainment reporter sneaks across the demilitarised zone to ask baffled North Koreans whether they prefer David Tennant or Matt Smith.

Image: BBC

8. The transport policy of Doctor Who

Could developing a working TARDIS provide a cut-price alternative to High Speed 2?

Photo: BBC

9. Enemy aliens

A deeply racist piece working out which foreign powers are the Daleks, which the Sontarans, and so on. Reduces Doctor Who's international audience by a factor of ten and sparks two minor wars.

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10. Political regeneration

Recasting Ed Miliband with Peter Capaldi could boost Labour's chances in 2015. By Dan Hodges.



Jonn Elledge is a freelance journalist, formerly assistant editor of the New Statesman and editor of its sister site, CityMetric. You can find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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