Watch: Panel discussion on the future of healthcare policy

Lord Crisp, Jon Wharnsby and Dr Dan Poulter MP joined NS Britain editor Anoosh Chakelian for this session at the New Statesman's Global Policy Forum.

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Healthcare systems around the world have had to adapt fast to Covid-19, and there is much that front-line staff can be proud of. But what lessons can be learned from the global response to this crisis? How can we be better prepared for the next peak or pandemic?

On 12 June, the New Statesman and the Spotlight policy supplement convened an online global policy forum, which brought together former and current leaders from politics, business and international organisations to discuss how we can meet the challenges of a post-pandemic world. In this session former NHS CEO Lord Nigel Crisp, Fire Brigades Union representative and London Ambulance Service frontline worker Jon Wharnsby and former minister for care quality Dr Dan Poulter MP joined New Statesman Britain editor Anoosh Chakelian for a panel discussion on global and local solutions to healthcare after coronavirus.

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