Watch: David Miliband on conflict and refugees in the coronavirus era

The CEO of the International Rescue Committee addresses the New Statesman's Global Policy Forum. 

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Among the populations most vulnerable to coronavirus are refugees, internally displaced persons and those living in conflict zones. Coronavirus has highlighted the need for long-term strategy to ensure refugees, IDPs and migrants are safe. How can global policy find a better solution for those feeling conflict? Does coronavirus renew the need for responsibility to protect, and should that be revised in light of the pandemic?

On 12 June, the New Statesman’s Spotlight policy supplement convened an online global policy forum, which brought together former and current leaders from politics, business and international organisations to discuss how we can meet the challenges of a post-pandemic world. In this session, CEO of the International Rescue Committee, David Miliband joined New Statesman international editor Jeremy Cliffe to explore how to protect the vulnerable in a world after coronavirus.

Watch the session back here:


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