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26 November 2020updated 16 Aug 2023 10:27am

Watch: NS and Octopus Energy webinar on digital technology in the net zero transition

Greg Jackson and Philippa Nuttall Jones on the modernisation of the energy sector.

By NS Events

To achieve net zero, the UK needs to accelerate action on decarbonisation, digitisation and the democratisation of energy. We need a flexible energy system which actively involves consumers, but who is responsible for implementing this? And how can we encourage the use of digital technology in the transition?

In November, the New Statesman‘s Spotlight and Energy Monitor held ‘Net Zero Policy Week’. The week-long event brought together sector leaders, experts and policymakers to discuss what the challenges and opportunities are for the UK in meeting its net zero targets, through digital panels, live Q&As, and interviews.

An online session and Q&A sponsored by Octopus Energy, brought together Energy Monitor editor in chief Philippa Nuttall Jones and CEO of Octopus Energy Greg Jackson, to explore the role of digital technology in achieving net zero and making energy fairer.

Watch the session back here:

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