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28 February 2019

Giving you the tools to embrace the digital future

Organisations are under ever more pressure to offer a seamless experience, but with the right IT infrastructure and support this standard can be met and exceeded.    

By Martin McFadyen

The ability to connect flexibly and efficiently has the potential to transform the way people live and work but by doing so, it’s presented a new challenge for organisations. Businesses and organisations need to provide connectivity solutions that meet the demands of an increasingly fast moving and tech-savvy society. Their networking infrastructure needs to be agile, scalable and responsive.

Your IT infrastructure needs to help, not hinder, your growth, profitability and progress. As expectations increase – from customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders – there’s a constant challenge not just to keep up, but to get ahead and stay ahead.

Technology enables people to work flexibly from home, communicate with colleagues across the globe and access complex applications as if they were at their desks. It empowers the individual whilst helping organisations increase the collective efficiency and productivity of their workforce. But in order to achieve this, organisations need network infrastructures and connectivity solutions that can match the technological savvy of their users.

This is the goal of truly agile technology: to provide organisations with solutions that facilitate flexible, secure and scalable networks, to help them adopt cloud-based solutions and above all, give them the means to satisfy the demands of their end users.

Digital transformation isn’t just a tantalising prospect that remains out of reach. It’s doable. In fact, we help all types of organisations do it every day. We’re one of the largest providers of networking services in the UK and have an evolving portfolio of advanced products and services to help you meet the digital agenda, enable flexible and smart working, share services and respond to the needs of your citizens.

From local and central government, to schools, healthcare, emergency services and the third sector, public sector organisations are under massive pressure to meet the evolving expectations of employees and citizens, and to make an effort to keep citizens at the heart of everything they do. It’s no wonder over 60 per cent of emergency services rely on our network to provide services 24 hours a day.

Setting the course for your organisation is simply a matter of knowing how to adapt, and the right digital platform is the best place to start. After all, there has been a paradigm shift in information technology over the last decade. We’ve innovated, survived and thrived. And now we can help organisations to collaborate and transition seamlessly.

As one of the leading national network providers with 20 years’ experience serving the public sector and business of all sizes we’re large enough to rely on but small enough to know you. We have regional hubs led by local people to meet the unique requirements of the communities that we operate in, and our own engineers are at the fingertips of our network.

We work with organisations across the UK, constantly investing and extending our network. From Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue (GMCA) to Dundee City Council to Transport for London to Vue, we enable key public services and organisations to provide a better experience.

Every day we have customers that successfully work together to meet the challenges of integrated services, by securely sharing knowledge, skills, networks, data, resources and premises. We have the knowledge and expertise to support you every step of the way – at a pace that suits you.

Martin McFadyen is head of public sector at Virgin Business.

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