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16 November 2016updated 30 Jul 2021 6:18am

Cost of cyber awareness training? A Lot Less than $1 Billion


The importance of cyber security training has never been greater. Some may be put off by fears of high costs or confused by what exactly it could entail, nonetheless it is something that all organisations must think about in this digital age.

Many of the high profile incidents that have been reported in the media in recent years could have been avoided if those organisations targeted by hackers had invested in training for their employees.

In 2015, the cybercrime gang known as Carbanak managed to steal an estimated $1 billion from financial institutions located all over the world.

In order to infiltrate the bank’s intranet, the attackers used spear phishing emails, luring users to open them, infecting machines with malware.

Could this have been avoided? Absolutely.  With the top cyber risks including human error, employee education is critical.

Employees from board to workforce, need to be educated on the threats and risks of cyber security. Not every data breach is down to a hooded teenager in a dark room with a green computer screen.

There needs to be a focussed effort on educating and training employees on the risks that they face when they log on to a computer and inadvertently browse to a suspect web page through a link or open an attachment from an untrusted source.

With training courses like PGIs Cyber Security Fundamentals (CSF), employees can learn to spot a suspicious email and other attacks.

EU GDPR are you ready?

With new legislation set to come into force in the next few years it is in all businesses interests to ensure that they are as secure as possible. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could prove immensely costly to businesses that suffer a security breach. Under the new rules any business that holds data on EU citizens could be fined as much as €20 million or 4% of total worldwide turnover of the preceding year, whichever is higher.

Don’t know where to start tackling these issues? Need assistance in securing your data, networks and business?  Contact PGI. Our cyber specialists are passionate about education and improving your cyber security. Cyber training costs a whole lot less than the millions and in some cases billions businesses lose to cybercrime and fines every year.

The PGI Cyber Academy

The PGI Cyber Academy offers the highest level of cyber security training for business and government professionals, delivering a one-stop training environment to combat the growing cyber threat for all industry sectors.

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