For our future's sake, Labour must back a People's Vote

Backing a new Brexit referendum isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart one too. 


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The history of the Labour movement has been one of protest, incremental change and speaking truth to power. From the youth-led protests across the seminal summer of 1968, to campaigning against the dangerous proliferation of nuclear weapons during the Cold War. The poll tax, tuition fees; Section 28 - more often than not, we've been on the right side of history, and the left side of the argument.

For our Future's Sake are proud to continue that tradition - as one generation of activists passes the torch to the next. A youth and student-led organisation, campaigning for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal, we believe that Brexit is the fight of our generation.

The Labour Party is crucial to our aim of securing a People's Vote. So over the next week at the party’s annual conference, our goal is to persuade as many Labour members as possible to stand with young people once more. That's why we've launched our app - Together Against Brexit - for use during party conference.

We want to ensure that Labour members of all backgrounds and sections of the party see the passion that younger activists feel when talking about the impact that Brexit will have on their futures. We've already had hundreds of sign ups from delegates and supporters coming to conference - to see events that FFS are involved in, get notifications about crucial information and find content they can share on social media. It's very much a one stop shop when it comes to young people across the party campaigning for a People's Vote. During conference, we’ll be updating delegates in real time about tangible action they can take to support calls for a People's Vote.

Together Against Brexit takes age old campaigning tactics - linking up activists, targeted campaigning and direct action - into the new era. It's free to download, and available on both Apple and Android phones.

At FFS, we know that the overwhelming majority of Labour members, supporters and voters back a People's Vote. They see the promises made by the Brexit elites - like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson - and the massive gap between them and what's being delivered on their doorsteps. But we need to convince delegates and members that Labour supporting a People's Vote isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart one too.

Polling shows that Labour stands to gain 1.5 million more votes at the next general election, if we back a People's Vote. More than that, Labour will gain the gratitude of a beleaguered younger generation. Brexit is the fight of our time and, in the coming weeks, we hope the Labour Party will be leading the charge.

Richard Brooks is a co-founder of For our Future's Sake, and Labour member. To download Together Against Brexit - go to for links to dowload both in the itunes and Google Play stores. For more information about FFS, please go to