Impeachment chatter is getting louder, but Donald Trump should be safe for now

What's the real story behind his son's explosive Russia tweets?

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To think we used to believe it was unrealistic when the villain revealed his plans in extensive detail. Donald Trump Junior has tweeted out details of emails between himself and an associate, confirming that the Russian government offered him material to hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency.

A fascinating sub-plot in all this: what was said in that hour-and-a-half long meeting between Donald Trump Senior and Vladimir Putin at the G20?

It was billed as a love-in but in the aftermath we've seen Kremlin threats to expel American diplomats and no easing of tensions, while details of meetings between Trump officials and those with Kremlin connections made their way to the press.

Whatever the cause, these new revelations will mean that the chatter over impeachment is only going to get louder. (Don't forget that we've heard nothing from the official investigation into Trump's Russia ties.)

But unless the calculation of risk (losing their seats in the election, a Democratic president in 2020) and reward (tax cuts for the very richest and not getting defeated by Trump-backed candidates in the primaries) changes on the Republican side, Trump is safe until after the midterms.

Stephen Bush is political editor of the New Statesman. His daily briefing, Morning Call, provides a quick and essential guide to domestic and global politics. He also co-hosts the New Statesman podcast.

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