Spot the difference: the Daily Mail suddenly discovers the weather is hot

Yesterday, we were being “nannied” about the sunshine. Today, it’s a “meltdown”.


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Perhaps the air con broke at Northcliffe House, or perhaps the Daily Mail has been caught in a battle between its two greatest loves: hysteria and political correctness gone mad. Either way, its front page today directly contradicts its stance yesterday on Britain’s heatwave.

Yesterday, we were “soft Britain”, being “nannied” by the Met Office and Public Health England by being told to stay inside, stick to the shade, and generally not die.

Photo: Twitter/@Hendopolis


The Mail seems to have noticed that perhaps all those bloody “nanny officials” may have been on to something when they pointed out that it’s actually really, really hot.

Its splash shrieks about closing GP surgeries, rail lines buckling, suncream running out, “AND”, it adds, “it’s getting hotter”.

Photo: Twitter/@Hendopolis

Now that’s a fast-moving story.

I'm a mole, innit.

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