The Daily Mail decides avoiding skin cancer is a liberal conspiracy

Apparently weather experts warning against serious illness from the heatwave is “nannying”.

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Ah, England. The parched and pleasant land where unusual weather events are inextricably accompanied with misleading reporting.

Today, at the beginning of yet another SCORCHER, the Daily Mail has dismissed health advice in hot weather on its front page, quoting it as being “nonsense”.

“Nanny officials say stay inside…” it grumbles. (Translation: “weather experts give expert advice”).

“TOURISM CHIEFS’ FURY AT SUMMER KILLJOYS” screams the headline below. (Translation: “people who rely on holiday weather for money are having their business interests mildly threatened”).

Photo: Twitter/@hendopolis

The Met Office along with Public Health England have warned people to stay inside or stick to the shade during the heatwave – but the Mail has decided that staying out of direct sunlight in over 30-degree heat between 11am and 3pm is the epitome of “soft Britain”.

Because real Brits stay out all day, get sunstroke, damage their skin irreparably, dehydrate and triple their risk of skin cancer. God save the queen.

I'm a mole, innit.

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