An A-Z of jobs under £30,000 – the threshold that could bar skilled EU migrants

Skilled EU migrants may have to earn £30,000 before coming to Britain under new migration policy.

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The government’s white paper on migration, due to be published this year, could include extending the £30,000 minimum salary threshold to EU migrants.

Currently, non-EU migrants need a specific category of visa to come and work in the UK – the “skilled workers” one requires them to earn at least £30,000 and to have a job offer.

According to multiple newspaper reports, this could be the new policy for skilled EU migrants too: they may be required to have a job offer and hit the minimum salary threshold (£30,000) before they can come to the UK on five-year-long visas.

So if this became policy, it would rule out these jobs…

A Ambulance crew members

B Bus drivers

C Chefs

D Dieticians

E Electricians

F Firefighters

G GP receptionists

H Healthcare assistants

I Interpreters

J Junior doctors

K Kindergarten teachers

L Lab technicians

M Midwives

N Nurses

O Occupational therapists

P Paramedics

Q Quality control chemists

R Research scientists

S Social workers

T Teachers

U University administrators

V Vets

W Welfare workers

X X ray and other NHS radiographers

Y Youth workers

Z Zoo keepers

Anoosh Chakelian is the New Statesman’s Britain editor.

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