Podcast: Keir Starmer’s Labour reshuffle, plus what Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP win means for Scotland

Stephen Bush, Anoosh Chakelian and Ailbhe Rea host a special double episode of the New Statesman Podcast.

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Since there is so much to discuss following the results of the 6 May elections, we’re publishing a special double episode of the New Statesman podcast, released simultaneously in two parts. You can listen to both below:

Election results part 1: Labour's big reshuffle

As the dust settles on Keir Starmer's mystifying reshuffle following the local elections, Stephen, Anoosh and Ailbhe discuss what's really going on inside the party and what it means for Starmer's leadership.

In an extended You Ask Us, they take on as many listener questions as possible from the deluge they received in the wake of the election results.

Election results part 2: Scotland's future

In the second of two episodes, Stephen, Anoosh and Ailbhe are joined by the New Statesman's Scotland editor Chris Deerin to dissect the results in Scotland.

In You Ask Us, they're joined by polling expert Ben Walker, author of the New Statesman's exclusive ward-by-ward election results map, to discuss the wider picture of the local votes around the UK.

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