Podcast: Armando Iannucci on Boris Johnson, The Thick of It and the rule of six

The satirist, writer and film director joins Anoosh Chakelian and Ailbhe Rea on the New Statesman podcast.

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In his recent column for the New Statesman, Armando Iannucci argues that the 300-year-old role of prime minister is no longer fit for purpose – especially when occupied by an "oaf". 

Iannucci joins Ailbhe Rea and Anoosh Chakelian in this episode of the New Statesman podcast, to discuss whether the British parliamentary system is due an overhaul. They also explore the unexpected real-world legacy of Iannucci's acclaimed TV satire The Thick of It, and how he's been celebrating the return of the rule of six.

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