Podcast: can the UK withstand Rishi Sunak's budget cuts?

Stephen Bush, Anoosh Chakelian and Ailbhe Rea review the 2021 budget announcement on the New Statesman podcast

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Rishi Sunak’s budget announcement on Wednesday signalled a return to austerity for the UK. 

On this episode of the New Statesman Podcast, Stephen Bush, Anoosh Chakelian and Ailbhe Rea dissect the budget announcement and discuss whether the country can withstand the cuts the Chancellor has announced.

Then, in You Ask Us, they take your question on whether Nicola Sturgeon can continue as First Minister after the Alex Salmond inquiry.

Listen here:

Further reading:

Stephen explores the two big arguments underpinning Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget.

Anoosh writes that for all the tax rise excitement, Rishi Sunak’s Budget has the same old Tory blindspots.

Ailbhe asks why Labour and the Tories want to fight the next election on the same question.

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