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Top Ten Creative Campaigns | Paris protests against university reforms | 2009

In 2009, Paris protesters found innovative ways to voice their opposition to Sarkozy's university re

The French have a reputation for protesting. In 2009, protesters against Nicholas Sarkozy's government's rushed university reforms found innovative ways to show their discontent.

Popular Parisian actor Louis Garrel (who starred in the film The Dreamers) started public group readings of the 17th century novel La Princesse de Clèves.

The book has become a symbol of resistance to Sarkozy who disclosed that it was his least favourite novel.

Protesters alerted each other by text message and gathered in landmark squares to listen to readings of the novel.

In Paris's Place de Grève, protestors staged a 'ronde des obstinés', loosely translated as the hard-headed round.

People walked in a circle 24 hours a day for two weeks to express their determined opposition to the reforms.

University professors gave lectures around the city: underneath the Arc de Triomph, in trams and on the metro.

There were also public trials of government members, auctions of philosophical concepts and 'funerals for higher education' in the city's squares.

Education ministers, Valérie Pécresse and Xavier Darcos were forced to take notice and moderate the bill, although they did not entirely withdraw the reform.

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