The best podcasts of 2018

From Sandra to Mostly Lit.

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Slow Burn

A reconstruction of what it was like to live through the political upheaval of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair.

Mostly Lit

An erudite and witty analysis of books, TV and films from three smart millennials.

Flash Forward

From teleportation to fertility in space, each episode explores the possibility of a different future.


A drama starring Alia Shawkat as the woman behind “Sandra”, a supposedly robotic AI assistant.

The Lonely Palette

A documentary series aiming to return art history to the masses,
one painting at a time.


Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant explain their journeys to becoming
a new kind of tech entrepreneur.

This is Love

A gorgeous-sounding series about all kinds of love, including love between a woman and a whale.

Imaginary Advice

Always different, never boring: this podcast showcases fiction, comedy and sound art by Ross Sutherland.

The Tip Off

Maeve McClenaghan explores the stories behind some of the biggest investigative journalism scoops.

Radio Atlas

A fascinating way of listening to beautiful audio documentaries in other languages – with subtitles.

Caroline Crampton is a writer and podcaster. She was formerly an assistant editor at the New Statesman.

This article appears in the 05 December 2018 issue of the New Statesman, Christmas special

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