Chinese punk and autumnal hip hop

There must be a scene in Shanghai I don't know about.

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So it turns out I don't own enough music from China. I had suspected this might be the case and a band called Pairs have verified it for me. I have for some time been looking for something a bit noisy that wasn't American and, just the other day, a rather beautifully hand-made, hand-stamped and tranquil-looking envelope arrived, containing just the noise I was looking for: punk but with a bit more of a tune; still shouting rather than singing, though. The point is that it seems unlikely that only one such band would exist in Shanghai -- it would get lonely -- meaning there must be a scene and now I want to know about it. I'll have to get back to you with my results but, in the mean time, here is a whole album for free.

In other news, the Washington, DC hip hopper Oddisee has a new album out called Rock Creek Park, which is mostly instrumental and entirely divine. It's a very pretty and thoughtfully laid out thing; in fact, it's strangely peaceful. It made me want to go skipping through early autumn leaves. I have added a link to the album above and defy you to not fall head over heals for, in particular, "The Carter Barron". Skills.






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