Young Americans are looking – and running – local

A new City Monitor report explores the ways in which young Americans see local politics as democracy's future.

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"Think global, act local" is a cliché for a reason: local action has impact. That's a reality of which politically inclined millennials and members of Generation Z are all too aware – and which they're aiming to address by running for office.

Writing at City Monitor, Marianne Dhenin describes the issues, from police brutality to climate change, that young Americans are desperate to see movement on, and why many feel that running for local office is the best way to do that. The candidates are women and people of colour and, in one case, as young as 21.

They, not the people running for president this year, are the future. They're betting that local politics is, too.

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Emily Tamkin is the New Statesman’s US editor

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