Watch: NS and London Tech Week webinar— How will AI and automation impact the future of the office?

Lord Clement Jones, Sue Daley, James Hodge, Ben Pring and Sue McLean discuss how AI has changed opportunities for businesses and office workers. 

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In September, the New Statesman and London Tech Week hosted an online panel discussion and live Q&A sponsored by Cognizant and Splunk. The event, chaired by former New Statesman Deputy Editor Jon Bernstein, brought together Lord Clement-Jones, Splunk chief technical advisor James Hodge, Cognizant's future of work managing director Ben Pring, Tech UK associate director Sue Daley, and Baker McKenzie partner Sue McLean. The panel explored how recent progress in AI and the new automated future of work will impact workers and call into question the need for office spaces.

Watch the event back here:

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