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By admin Published: 14 Mar 2014
Fracking has a key role to play in securing both our energy supply and the nation’s economic well-being. Q&A with Sir Alan Rudge, president, ERA Foundation
By Heidi Vella Published: 10 Feb 2014

Why is Ed Davey investigating British Gas’s profit margins?

By Ian Steadman Published: 30 Jan 2014
An accidental breakthrough into a chamber beneath the Earth's crust.
By Michael Brooks Published: 30 Jan 2014

While volcanic eruptions disrupt life in Indonesia, elsewhere in our solar system they might be making it interesting.

By Ruby Lott-Lavigna Published: 17 Jan 2014

The Scandinavian giant has kept itself afloat amid economic turbulence with a steady flow of natural resources - but is this nature-loving nation prepared to promote growth at all costs?

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