Press Gazette moves to weekly digital edition

The print version of the journalists' paper is going quarterly.

Press Gazette, the magazine for journalists, has relaunched as a weekly digital magazine - 47 years after it launched as a printed title.

The move follows its switch from weekly to monthly print publication four years ago.

The new weekly version was sent out to 7,000 registered subscribers for the first time yesterday. 

Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford said: “It hardly needs to be said that with British journalism beset by challenges on all sides, there has never been a more pressing need for journalists to have their own publication - fighting their corner, sharing best practice and holding the industry to account.

“The boom in mobile tablet-style devices and efficiencies brought by modern publishing technology mean Press Gazette can have a new lease of life and can reach tens of thousands of readers without expensive print and distribution costs.

“We still believe there is a strong demand from advertisers and readers for print journalism, which is why we are launching a new quarterly title which will reflect on the bigger issues without overlapping on our digital content.”

Press Gazette is part of the Progressive Media group, which also owns the New Statesman. You can subscribe to Press Gazette (for free) by clicking here.

Press Gazette: The digital edition