Photos: Refugees being welcomed and celebrating in Austria and Germany

A snapshot of the reactions of refugees and locals as Austria and Germany open their borders after days of chaos in Hungary.

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After travelling miles, the thousands of refugees who streamed into Germany and Austria from Hungary over the weekend received a warm welcome. Following chaotic scenes in Hungary, where thousands were trapped and blocked from travelling onwards, they celebrated as they crossed the borders.

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Migrants and refugees celebrate as they cross the border from Serbia into Hungary along the railway tracks. This comes after days of confrontation and chaos in Hungary – it unexpectedly opened its borders with Austria allowing thousands of migrants to leave the country and travel onto Germany.

A boy plays with a ball while waiting for a bus to Austria after crossing the Hungarian-Austrian border.

A refugee boy plays with a balloon at the Austro-Hungarian border.

A child blows bubbles as she waits with hundreds of refugees for a bus further into Austria after crossing the Austro-Hungarian border.

A boy smiles while he rests with his parents and siblings at a platform at Vienna's Westbahnhof train station in Austria after they have arrived by a train from Hungary.

An Austrian volunteer hugs a refugee child.




Video showing how refugees are being welcomed across Germany and Austria.

People hold up a "Welcome" banner at the main station in Saalfeld, eastern Germany, as trains from Austria carrying refugees who were stuck in Hungary arrive.

A volunteer stands amid relief goods in a train cabin in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany, before handing them to refugees as they arrived.

A placard reading "Welcome to Germany" on the wall of the main station in Dortmund, western Germany, where refugees who were stuck in Hungary were expected to arrive.

A volunteer hands out care bags to refugees in Berlin.

A refugee is handed food as he walks to get a bus after his arrival at the train station in Dortmund, western Germany.


Anoosh Chakelian is the New Statesman’s Britain editor.

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