Jeb Bush forgot to renew his website, so now it redirects you to Donald Trump's

Donald J Trump dot com. 

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George W Bush joins his brother Jeb on the campaign trail this week, reminding us all of the family's power and political history. But one thing the Bushes can't do, it seems, is hold on to a domain name. 

Your mole discovered today that a visit to "" in order to view the Republican presidential hopeful's horrifying logo or review his unwavering hatred for gun control, actually sends you somewhere else entirely: to 

It turns out that last November, Bush failed to pay his renewal on the browser name, and someone in the Trump camp noticed and swooped in with a bid. Now, the site immediately redirects you to Trump's main campaign website. 

Poor Jeb! has now set up camp at Perhaps he'll remember next time that political dynasties count for nothing online. 

I'm a mole, innit.

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