Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read comment pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. David Cameron ignores John Major’s message at his peril (Times)

The former Conservative leader is not being disloyal, writes Rachel Sylvester. He thinks his party looks dangerously out of touch.

2. The push for performance-related pay is driven by faith, not facts (Guardian)

Incentives destroy morale and lead to risky behaviour, writes Polly Toynbee. Yet ministers promote them with an almost religious fervour.

3. As the economy recovers, so do the Tories’ prospects of victory (Daily Telegraph)

It’s a sign of the Prime Minister’s confidence that his Cabinet is full of heavyweight rivals, says Benedict Brogan. 

4. Help to Buy is sub-prime mortgages all over again (Independent)

Cameron and George Osborne have convinced voters the global meltdown is the fault of Ed Balls, says Steve Richards. 

5. Flawed Help to Buy is smart politics (Financial Times)

The party that connects with the younger voters priced out of the housing market wins, writes Janan Ganesh.

6. Bringing the rule of law to the battlefield (Daily Telegraph)

No provocation can serve as an excuse for any member of the Armed Forces to take the law into their own hands, says a Telegraph editorial. 

7. France has played its cards right on Iran (Financial Times)

While the French are the toast of US neocons, Tehran denounces them as 'gun-slinging frogs', writes Gideon Rachman.

8. New York’s left turn could derail Hillary (Times)

Bill de Blasio’s triumph will give liberals a new confidence in the presidential race, says Justin Webb.

9. Yet another winter of crisis in our A&Es (Daily Mail)

GPs were the cause of the A&E crisis, says a Daily Mail editorial. They must also be the solution.

10. Twitter IPO: why the wrong people ended up with the money (Guardian)

If you think the social media company's stockmarket flotation is an advert for starting your own hi-tech company, just look at what happened to the founders, says Aditya Chakrabortty.

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