Free in this week’s NS: Ruth Davidson and Richard Leonard make their pitch for Scotland's economic future

A first look at this week's issue of Spotlight, the New Statesman's regular policy supplement. 

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In this week's special Spotlight report on Scotland, the unconventional leader of the Scottish Conservative Party Ruth Davidson tells Will Dunn that the Scottish National Party is punishing business, and which industries her party would champion to end this period of low growth. 

The leader of Scottish Labour, Richard Leonard, argues that the Scottish Government's Growth Commission is in fact a "cuts commission", and makes the case for his party as the only anti-austerity option for Scottish voters. 

Derek Mackay, the SNP's newly appointed Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work, writes about the fintech effect on Scotland's cities. 

Augusta Riddy explores whether a Scottish National Investment Bank will, as the SNP claims, grow Scotland's underperforming economy.

Spotlight conducts the biggest survey of its kind, asking every councillor in Scotland for their view on party leaders, and threats and opportunities for Scotland's economy. The results are interesting... 

Plus, Spotlight asks senior representatives from the three main Scottish parties the same question about Brexit negotiations, offering a comprehensive review of all the parties' positions. 

Spotlight is free with this week's New Statesman, and stories will also be published on the Spotlight homepage later this week.