Watch: NS Spotlight webinar on local government and the pandemic response

Mayor of North-of-Tyne Combined Authority Jamie Driscoll, leader of Camden Council Georgia Gould, and deputy director of think tank NLGN Jessica Studdert discuss facing coronavirus after years of budget cuts. 

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Local authorities across the UK are on the front lines of the coronavirus response. Yet, following years of budget cuts, they are struggling to maintain core services as the crisis continues. How has local government been responding to the pandemic? What challenges do local governments and regional economies face during this crisis? What more do local authorities need from central government and how do they rate Westminster's coronavirus response?

In May, Spotlight, the New Statesman's policy supplement, brought together experts for a webinar on the challenges facing local governments at this unprecedented time. Leader of Camden Council Georgia Gould, deputy director of the New Local Government Network Jessica Studdert and mayor of the North-of-Tyne Combined Authority Jamie Driscoll explored how local authorities have been dealing with the pandemic and the challenges that municipalities and regional economies now face. The discussion was chaired by special projects writer Jonny Ball, who also presented the results of an exclusive Spotlight poll of local authority councillors. To find out about our future events, click here.

Watch the event back here:

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