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26 September 2014updated 27 Sep 2023 10:56am

We can rebuild it

By New Statesman

Like other developed countries, the UK is facing rising demand and costs in health services. More people live longer, but more people are living with long-term conditions that affect their health (estimates say more than 15 million). The government’s Health and Social Care Bill requires the NHS to make efficiency savings of 4 per cent per year – the equivalent of £20bn of savings by 2015.

With such a significant reduction in NHS funding, how can we maintain the current level of services?

A report by Sir Derek Wanless indicates that the two key variables which could affect the levels of funding required are the extent to which the NHS is able to achieve greater levels of productivity, and how far the general public becomes engaged with its own health, contributing to preventing disease rather than just treating it. Participants at our round table event explored how the NHS can maintain the standards of care it aspires to, while

responding to the efficiency savings which have been imposed.

14 January 2013

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