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26 September 2014updated 11 Sep 2021 5:35pm

Going Digital Myths

By New Statesman

To borrow the words of David Willetts, writing overleaf, data centres are “the physical, tangible manifestation of the somewhat invisible and ethereal concept which is the internet.” 


The Universities and Science Minister goes on to argue that data centres are “absolutely fundamental” to a successful information economy in the UK while acknowledging that government needs to better understand the sector as a whole. 


This, the second New Statesman data centre supplement, is a contribution to filling the knowledge gap, throwing a spotlight on an industry that has been largerly in the shadows as far as policy makers are concerned. 


Across the following pages we return to some of the themes introduced last month including the myths and reality of power usage (page 8), cost of ownership (page 17) and a looming skills gap (page 18). On page 22, serial investor Julie Meyer makes the case for the UK technology industry while a visit to rural Bavaria (page 14) reflects some global truths and challenges for providers.  


14 October 2013

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