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The UK’s Covid-19 epidemic is, once again, being tackled on a local level with people being subject to different restrictions depending on where they live. Residents in England face three levels of restrictions with those in the highest tier (Tier 3) facing tougher rules on social mixing and easting in restaurants banned.

While the most prominent statistics around the UK's Covid-19 epidemic are usually at national level, this has always consisted of multiple concurrent local epidemics taking place across the country. Some areas got off lightly during the first wave but are now seeing very high levels of cases. Swale in Kent, for instance, had weekly rates well below 100 per 100,000 residents until late October and now has one of the highest rates anywehere in the UK.

The New Statesman has built the below interactive map to help you trace the number of cases that have been confirmed in your neighbourhood and its surroundings. The map will be updated every Thursday as new data becomes available. Simply type in your postcode and press play to see how the presence of the virus has changed over the course of the epidemic where you live. You can also see how your local authority compares to the national picture in the line chart and interact with the map itself for more details on particular neighbourhoods. 



Most local authorities have seen the number of confirmed cases fall in recent weeks, however, this isn't a universal trend with some areas in southern England and Wales seeing increases.

The fairness of the local lockdown system in England has been the subject of much debate throughout their use, particularly when it comes to the levels of economic support that come with them. Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, had a stand off with the Government before the second national lockdown over the placing of Greater Manchester's boroughs in the highest tier, while more than 50 Conservative MPs voted against the new system of tiers at the start of December. 

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