Watch: the New Statesman’s New Times event – are we entering a post-liberal era?

Earlier this year, the New Statesman hosted an event questioning the tumultous political period we find ourselves in. You can watch the full event below. 

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With the rise of the far right in Europe, post-truth and fake news, Brexit and Trump, the breakdown of faith in once-revered institutions, the collapse of the political centre, the rise of Corbyn, Podemos, Syriza and challenger parties that have broken the mould of post-war electoral politics; all that was solid seems to be melting into air. The return of great power politics threatens global stability as rivals lock horns in the Middle East, tensions rise on the Korean peninsula, and Europe faces the biggest refugee crisis since WWII.

Earlier this year, the New Statesman hosted a panel discussion on the near-continuous political tumult the world has found itself in. Hosted by our editor-in-chief, Jason Cowley, a panel consiting of broadcaster Evan Davis, journalist and academic Martin Jacques, author Ros Wynne-Jones and King's College professor John Bew asked: are entering a post-liberal era? 

You can watch the full debate in the video below: 

The next New Statesman panel debate, dissecting the meaning of Corbynism, will take place on 23 April. 

The lineup will include:

Jon Lansman – founder and chair of Momentum, member of the Labour Party's National Executive Committee

Jess Phillips – Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley

John Bew – Professor of History and Foreign Policy, author of Citizen Clem

You can find more details, and how to book, here

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