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What fatigue? Turns out the public wants to do the general election all over again

A fourth nationwide vote in three years? Why not?

By Jasper jackson

You’d think after three nationwide votes in as many years, the British public would be less than excited about holding yet another election. But it seems you’d be wrong.

According to a poll by YouGov carried out on Friday and Saturday, 43 per cent of the UK want another election in the autumn, compared to 38 per cent who would rather have a bit of a rest.

Now, with all the hostility directed at political commentators since the election, perhaps this is just the public hoping yet another flurry of activity will be the end of more than a few of them.

A more likely scenario is that voters on both sides are less than pleased with the less than decisive outcome of last week’s vote.

What we can be certain of is that Theresa May’s government will do all it can to avoid giving the 43 per cent what it wants.

Then again, with the apparent shakiness of her supply and confidence agreement with the DUP, and the not unrelated displeasure of many Conservative backers who weren’t banking on having their chosen party propped up by hard-line social conservatives opposed to LGBTQ and abortion rights, May may not get what she wants.

But it sounds like quite a lot of you are up for doing this all again, and soon.

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