WATCH: Nigel Farage falls for a perfect phone-in prank

“Something monumental happened and it completely changed my opinion on Brexit…”

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Nigel Farage’s LBC radio show doesn’t usually sparkle with perfect moments, but this one’s an exception.

A caller rang up to tell him that he used to be a Remainer but then changed his mind – saying he is “immensely grateful” for what Farage has done in British politics over the last few years. You can watch Farage preening at the flattery.

Little does he know he’s about to become the victim of an understated yet devastating prank:

Caller: “I used to be an ardent Remainer, I voted Remain, I believed in the European project, I believed that staying in the European Union was the best thing for us and then something happened, something monumental happened, and it completely changed my opinion on the whole situation.”

Farage: “What was that monumental thing, Mark?”

Caller: “I was kicked in the head by a horse.”

You can watch the pride tumble from Farage’s eyes as the penny drops and he moves swiftly onto the next call:

Hat-tip @BasementShaxx, the prankster.

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