Here are 17 tweets from Leave.EU which definitely aren’t sinister

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Leave.EU was one of the assortments of campaign groups which spent the first half of last year jostling to get Britain out of the European Union. Founded by Ukip funder Arron Banks and property tycoon Richard Tice, it was generally viewed as being more right-wing than cross-party rival Vote Leave. For that and other reasons, it failed to win designation as the official pro-Brexit campaign.

Such divisions didn’t really matter in the end, of course: the Brexit campaign still won, whichever group officially got to front it. You’d think, then, that we’d have no need for Leave.EU’s continuing services.

But despite the fact that the whole thing is theoretically settled by now, the group is still active and tweeting right-wing memes out to its 125,000 followers. Its mission now, it says, is, “Ensuring the will of the British people is respected following our historic vote to leave the European Union”.

To give you a flavour of its output, here, at time of writing, is the group’s most recent tweet involving a rather fetching photoshop of the Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr:

Leave.EU’s turn-ons include traditional British beer:

And Donald Trump:

This is probably why they all went to see him, like they were teenage One Direction fans and he was Harry Styles:

Leave.EU’s turn-offs include settling Britain's debts with the European Union.

Though they seem to struggle a bit with the concept of inflation.

They're also not keen on refugees.

Or people who don’t not like refugees.

Or migrants generally, really.

But they’re not racist.

They’re just really concerned about British culture.

And also, apparently, French culture.

That’s why they were so worried about the “hard-left, pro-Macron scum”, who are definitely a real group which definitely exists:

So they were big fans of Marine Le Pen:

So big, in fact, that they started nicking her lines:

And have an entirely wholesome appreciation for her 27-year-old niece:

They respect her so much they don't even want to define her by her parentage, in fact.

So they were devastated by Sunday’s election result.

Still, at least they didn’t over-react and tweet something stupid.

The fact a campaign group with close ties to Ukip has spent the last few months campaigning for a fascist candidate in one of Britain’s closest neighbours is definitely not in any way sinister. 

Jonn Elledge is a freelance journalist, formerly assistant editor of the New Statesman and editor of its sister site, CityMetric. You can find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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