The Express corrects over a third of “facts” in this pro-Brexit piece published before the vote

It was forced to remove the entire article, which was riddled with misinformation.

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The europhobic, flag-waving tabloid (logo: a sad St George) has been forced to correct and remove a pro-Brexit list it published ahead of the EU referendum. Over a third of its “facts” turned out to be fiction.

“Amazing things we get back if we leave EU” – perhaps the internet’s most neurotic listicle since “30 Things Only Hypochondriacs Will Understand” – was a gallery of 11 images with captions filled with lies wildly inaccurate claims.

In a correction of four out of the 11 captions, the paper admitted that the cornerstone of English culture – buying eggs by the dozen – would not be affected either by staying in or leaving the EU, and nor would our dearest tradition of not changing the definition of jam or swedes. Thank God for that. Also, drinking water is not frowned upon by the EU.

Screengrab of the Express correction.

Considering the article full of false claims was published a month before the referendum (20 May), this apology is too little, too late. But hey, look on the bright side. The pound may be plummeting but at least nothing has changed whatsoever about the number of eggs to an eggbox. Taking our country back!

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